Welcome to Guangzhou zhi cheng industry company , we are the leading manufacturer in China for GSM alarm system,GSM alarm,home alarm system,auto dial home alarm,MMS camera alarm ,GSM transformer alarm,GSM home alarm and so on ,welcome OEM/ODM
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Auto dial home alarm system
Wireless GSM alarm system
LCD Display home GSM alarm
GSM transformer alarm system
Touch screen GSM alarm system
Camera MMS GSM Alarm System
Wired GSM alarm system
Local home alarm system
Alarm Accessories
Alarm management/monitor system
Smoke detector alarm
Gas alarm/detector
Carbon monoxide / CO alarm
Personal alarm
Network IP camera
Stationary battery GPS tracking system

Mr Allan

Mr Yang

Mob :+86 137 23491265

Tel:  +86 755 26515626

Fax: +86 755 26515626

Mail: zcsecurity@hotmail.com

Skype: pollitt_yang

Professional GSM alarm system manufacturer in China


iOS /Android App support touch Keypad GSM Alarm Sys(ZC-GSM0
wireless water alarm sound in 85db (ZC-S020)
New style 2 in 1 wireless learning code door sensor (ZC-GS0
wireless built-in antanne new style wide-angle PIR / motion
Wireless Touch Keypad Screen GSM / PSTN Alarm System(ZC-GSM
Mini PIR MP Alert Infrared GSM Alarm (ZC-A9)
2 in 1 wired alarm keyboard (ZC-S026)
wireless 6 zone LED local home alarm system(ZC-LA007)
Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (ZC-COS001)
106 zone wireless and wired tri band LCD GSM alarm system vo
Quad-Band 101 zones LCD PSTN & GSM home alarm system(ZC-GSM0
Door camera videotape and photo taken GSM home security alar

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