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Multilanguage GSM alarm system
Comes from: www.zcsecurity.com  author:Allan  Time: 2014-4-21 17:55:28

Multilanguage GSM alarm system news

We are now supply the GSM alarm system with this language:

1. All in English

2. Russian language
ZC-GSM011 Russian voice ,SMS and manual
ZC-GSM012 Russian voice and manual , English SMS
ZC-GSM015 Russian voice and SMS ,English manual
ZC-GSM017 Russian voice ,SMS and manual

3.Portuguese language ZC-GSM012 supply Portuguese language manual only

4. ZC- GSM016 had been designed 4 language to choose by user:
   English, German, French, Spanish

If you want other Language like:
   Spanish, Russian, French, Turkish, Argentina, Polish, German, Italian, Armenian, Czech, please contact with us

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