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wireless remote control alarm keyboard for our home alarm system
Comes from: www.zcsecurity.com  author:Allan  Time: 2012-7-18 17:18:17

This wireless alarm keyboard can be installed on your gates to make your alam system arm or disarm with the password protection. In this way , you can control your home alarm system without the remote controller(FOB key). It can work with all of the alarm system in fix code 2262 IC.

1. This wireless distance in this keyboard can reach 200m (open air), adopting 2262 IC ,arm / disarm can be changed and programmed by user,suit for all hard-coded alarm host.
2. using the DIP switch codes, It is very convenient for the fix code alarm panel matching, Also can choose the the EV1527 learning coding chip (the alarm host must have learn code chip,  Option)
3. the keyboard has two passwords; One administrative password can be programmed to modify the settings information,arm and disarm operation; other one is ordinary password, only using for arm, disarm operation.
4. The wireless keyboard built-in rechargeable battery as back up battery for AC power off
5.LED backlight for easy night operation
6.the keyboard with a tamper alarm (the alarm host support
7. No operate on the keyboard in period of time, It will automatically enter low power mode.

If you are interesting in this products, welcome to contact with us.

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