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LCD touch screen GSM alarm system
Comes from: www.zcsecurity.com  author:Allan  Time: 2012-5-13 20:53:56

This is our newest touch screen GSM alarm system ,with fashionable and high-tech touch keyboard,Menu type ovice remind operation,simple operation,4 wired and 10 wireless zones,Built-in intercom speakers,back up  lithium battery.

Overview for the alarm panel:


1:Main unit display screen with 128X64 resolution, supporting Chinese/English language

2:Main unit status indicator
        POWER:Indicator for power-on and work status of the main unit
                 Quick flicking at 1s interval means the GSM network is under registration.
                 Flicking every 3s means the main unit is in normal standby status and ready for alarm.
        SET:Setting status indicator, it shall be on when entering the system setting.
        SIGNAL: Wireless signal indicator, it shall be on when effective wireless signals are available or under special functions.
        ALARM: Alarm indicator
3:Touch keyboard: the key of the system is touch screen of resistance-type, which requires a certain level of force. DO Not press it heavily. .
        ARM:Key for arming when outgoing by the main unit at appointed time
        STAY:Key for arming at home by the main unit
        CALL:Call key. Input phone number, and press CALL key, the main unit shall dial immediately and enter into the calling status. Press CALL key while calling to hang up.
        SOS:Emergency help key
        ESC:Clear the keyboard entry, or return to the previous step.
        ENTER:Confirmation key

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