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   PRODUCT > >> Touch screen GSM alarm system  

iOS /Android App support touch Keypad GSM Alarm Sys(ZC-GSM019)

iOS /Android Apps Supported wireless and wired Touch Keypad Home Security GSM Alarm System




1. touch kepad with LCD display alarm system

2. support IOS and Android APP

4 wired zone + 9 wireless zone ,Different zone withdifferent function, Support max 90 wireless sensor

5.Phone call function,You can directly to make phone call like your phone

6.you can set 5 auto dial phone number , 5 SMS number and 3 SOS number

7.6 fix time arm/diarm

8. 50 alarm history recording ,

9.SMS alert for the power failure or low voltage for the back up rechareable battery

10. 20 seconds voice message recording 

8.Wireless learning code: easy to add additional wireless accessories


Tachnical parameters

Power supply: DC 5V

Static current: less 60MA

Alarm current: less 450MA

GSM band : 850/900/1800/1900MHZ

Wireless frequence: 433mhz

siren voice: 110db


Standard Packing:


Alarm Panel                                      x 1pcs
Wireless Infrared Detector              x 1pcs

Wireless Magnetic Door Detector  x 1pcs
Matel Remote Control                     x 2pcs

AC/DC power supply                       x 1pcs
Mini Siren                                         x 1pcs
English User Manual                       x 1pcs 


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