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Wireless and wired tri-band GSM alarm system(ZC-GSM012)

Intercom,6 voice telephone alarm + 3 SMS alarm.tri-band 900/1800/1900 MHz, Partial arm at night,6 wireless zones + 4 wired zones, Built-in back-up battery. Home GSM alarm

GSM alarm Feature:

1. No need the fixed telephone line,everywhere have GSM frequency is suitable to use
2. Can dial 6 telephone numbers with voice remind
3. Can send SMS to 3 mobile phones
4. Remote setting by phones
5. ISD automaticly to record the message for 10 seconds
6. Can store the alarm information, you can clear to check it
7. Three way to arm your house: outside armed, stay armed,remote armed
8. Learning code,easy to learn and add the wireless sensors as your want
9. Can use mobile(telephone) to remote arm/disarm/monitor
10. Can set the voice remind for remote arm/disarm
11. Can protect the alarm information will not lost even the power is off 

GSM alarm Function Instructions


Operation Instructions


Enter Programming

Enter [password]

Long beep tone

Exit Settings

Hang up directly

Short Beep tone

Operation Password

[30] + [new password] + [#] (modified)

Factory default: 1234

Programming Password

[31] + [new password] + [#] (modified)

Factory default: 8888

Set Phone

[51] + [phone number] + [#]

[51]~[56] 6 groups

Delete Phone Number

[51] + [#]

[51]~[56] 6 groups

Message Receiving Phone Number

[57] + [phone number] + [#]

[57]~[59] 3 groups

Delete Message

[57] + [#]

[57]~[59] 3 groups

Guard Area Programming


Factory default: 1/1/0

Stay in Guard Area

[61] + [01~08] + [0/1] + [#]

Factory default: 0

Remote Control

[password] + [1/2/3]

Voice prompt

Alarm system Guard Area Programming

In the state of remote control programming, enter the address code [60], first enter the guard area number by [1~6], then enter the guard area type by [1~4], then the guard area location by [1~6], and then select if the alarm sound is enabled by [0/1], at last add [#] to confirm.

Operations: 60 -A-B-C-D-#

Notes: A indicates the number of guard area; B indicates the type of guard area; C indicates the location of alarm; D indicates if the siren sounds.

A: Number of guard area: [1~6] corresponds to guard area 1 to guard area 6 respectively.

B: Type of guard area: [1] real-time, [2] 40 seconds delay, [3] 24 hours a day, [4] bypass.

C: Installation Location: [1] help alarm, [2] fire alarm, [3] gas leak, [4] door lock alarm, [5] hall alarm, [6] window alarm, [7] balcony alarm, [8] perimeter alarm.

D: Type of siren: [0] sound-on, [1] sound-off

Illustration: set the guard area 1 to 24 hours a day, fire alarm with sound.

input order like this:   60-1-3-2-#

Alarm Package Contents (*)
  x 1 GSM Alarm System
  x 1 Wireless PIR Motion Detector
  x 1 Wireless Magnetic Door Sensor

  x 2 Wireless Remote Controller
  x 1 High Power Siren (120dB)
  x 1 AC-DC Power Adapter (Choices of US, EU adapter)
  x 1 English User Manual
  x All Batteries & Fixtures Included

(*) SIM card is not provided. You should buy SIM from your local mobile operator.
(*) Verify your mobile operator supports GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies.
   Extremely Powerful Siren!  Wear ear protection on initial siren test/install.

GSM home alarm

GSM home alarm

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